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Pupils of my cattery inspire creative people to create masterpieces.
"He gave me every night puts to bed). Lays down on the pillow and ... stroking the head. At the same time taak sweet hums ... After a while, when I pretended to be asleep, jumps and moved to a chair. But!

As soon as I shevelnus- flies (literally!) Back, and - again, growling, slowly and gently stroking paws on the head! Positive attractive face me on the temple, and again peredohnet strokes! And he loves to sit on my lap when I'm writing a book ... read attentively. Sometimes reaching for a keyboard to something to fix). I always ask: "do you like?" He hums! So far, it seems, I am happy. However, last night I was distracted for a coffee, and when I returned, I noticed in the text of his pravku- "yayayayayayayayayayayayayayaya". On the face - an indescribable joy! Apparently, he wants me in the book and wrote about it.....)))